Fish Cage Farm Knowledge

Deep water aquaculture automatic control technology and equipment


In seawater fish aquaculture fish disease prevention and control should be taken to prevent is given priority to, the prevention work earnestly. When a fish after illness, to spring in time and treatment. Main preventive measures are:

(1) strictly select robust and surface condition of seedlings.

(2) mastering the suitable density of livestock.

(3), in accordance with the principle of bait casting quality, timing, quantitative feeding, feeding is not fresh and never metamorphic feed, also can't blind to speed up or decrease bait casting.

(4) pay attention to the improvement of aquaculture water environment to ensure that the water flow unobstructed, keep clear of in time the attachments of adhesion in the cages, regular cleaning mesh wall, float, the replacement of net.

(5) observe farmed fish feeding and activity, and if found to have abnormal phenomenon, should take timely measures to deal with.

(6) in the process of breeding, the timing for farmed fish fresh water bath, reduce the fish disease.

(7) timely replacement of the cages, usually from fish to fish, to replace 3 ~ 4 times to exchange the cages, be careful, lest cause infection incidence of fish body bruised. When the winter weather, avoid by all means in the cages.

(8) before winter comes, it is best to fish for baby bath disinfection once, in order to improve the disease resistance.

The fish of the sea area fish disease occurs in the spring, summer and fall alternately and exchange of qiu dong season, pathogenesis is the important factors of physical and chemical factors of sea water caused by changes in the weather changes. Therefore, in the season it is important to pay special attention to the seasonal increase fish disease prevention work.

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