Fish Cage Farm Knowledge

How to design the cages?


1. The structure and material of the cages

(1) net. Is currently the most widely used synthetic fiber, used on fisheries of polyamide, polyester, polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), etc. In the area is the most commonly used in PE classes, the specific gravity of 0.94 ~ 0.96, can float on the surface of the water, almost no water absorption, and good strength, resistant to sunlight and cheaper price. Use the most common fisheries.

(2) framework. For floating cages, the general bamboo or metal tube made "mouth" word "tian" frame, used for forming the fixed net and the net open. (3) pile frame. For supporting pile fixed area is mainly used to support the cages, usually with a log or bamboo bundle good four Angle pile, play at the edge of each interval distance between the pile and net can be directly on the pile.

(4) the float. Sealed cans, currently used glass float, as far as the bubbles float float on the surface of the water to support framework.

(5) the sinker. Materials mainly include lead, iron, stone, to pack these materials do not show the edges cut net, in a box with four angles in the rope on the frame or Angle of pile, the sink net, box central again in a slightly lighter sinker, ensure that the bottom sink as a whole. Now there were some farmers use galvanized copper pipe welding into a "mouth" word, the four corners with rope hanging on the Angle of pile or pile, sink into the box, some size slightly smaller than the area area.

(6) fixation device. General use POTS as fixation device, sometimes also can be fixed with two piles to be tied one end of the rope on the corner, on the other side is on the pile, fixed ropes generally take longer, with water level rises, box can rise.

(7) at the bottom of the line net. In order to reduce feed waste, can put some on the bottom of 100 purpose close eye liner network.

2. A box type

Common type of the cages of floating or stationary domain such as the deep reservoir is multi-purpose floating cages.

3. The area of design

(1) the shape of the cages. The shape of the cages have a square, circle, polygon, rectangle. Usually people use square and rectangle.

(2) the area of the cages. The general area of 9 ~ 36 m2, 96 m2 and 192 m2.

(3) the depth of the cages. Forward depth depends on aquaculture water depth, shall ensure that the bottom of the box in the breeding period when the minimum water level is not touching the sediment. The reservoir area sometimes increases 3 ~ 4 m.

(4) the mesh size. Determine the size of the mesh principle is as far as possible on the premise of not escape fish. General according to body height of 2 times less than the principle of fish body circumference, choose the mesh size break after 1 no fish. Bay area should choose in sunny leeward of deep reservoir resettlement, one is to avoid during dry box bottom, second, small wind, reduce the fish stress response.

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