Protein Separator

Detailed Introduction

Protein separator:

Foam separation principle: The protein separator through the combination of circulating pump and the venturi jet, produced a large number of tiny air bubbles, the rising bubbles fully mixed with the downward movement water, the suspended particles and colloid in water was attached on the bubble surface, moving upward with bubbles, and gathered in the upper surface, with the development of micro air bubble, gathered bubble was pushed to the top of the collection cup and then was expelled.

Product feature

(1) Water and water bubble mixture cutting technology for many times,produces rich and exquisite bubbles , can effectively remover more than 90% of the remnant, feces, colloidal solids in water, reducing biological treatment load, ensure the security of the aquaculture water.

(2) It has the function of ozone reaction tower, disinfection, sterilization, desulturation, and improve the efficiency of protein separation.

(3) The foam discharge adopts the straight structure, avoid cleaning, save water, practical and environment-friendly.

(4) The product structure adapts no trouble design, free maintenance, simple operation and long service life.

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