Abalone Cage

Detailed Introduction

Drawing lessons from the traditional fishing pot culitivation mode the coast of our country,the company developed the HDPE cage,which is of stronger ability to resist and wave and suits cuitivation of sea cucumber and abalone.

1.Both cage frame and walkwany adopt HDPE material.The desirable combination of the flexibility of this material and the reasonable mechanical and structural design of the company make the whole cage firmer,safer,and stronger in the ability to resist wind and wave.It suits open sea cultivetion.The ability to resist wind and wave is higer than Grade 12 and ability to resist flow is higher than 1.5m/s.

2.The sea cucumber and abalone attaching bases designed and developed by the company can provide good and safe habitat for sea cucumber and abalones,thus promoting the healthy growth of sea cucumbers and abalones.

3.The net cage is designed to be mpre humanizded in size,easy to operate and convenient for use.

4.In response to the state call of energy conservation and emission reduction,cage uses environment-frienly HDPE material,which has long service life,is less pollution and can be recy and reused.

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