Leisure Platform In Water

Detailed Introduction

Leisure tourism is the advanced stage in the process of tourism development, and beautiful ecological environment in coastal regions and unique island tourist resources are rich, for the development of a variety of leisure tourism product has provided the advantageous condition.

Marine leisure platform used for the development of the company in accordance with the maritime floating island concept design, through the "tour, entertainment, food, accommodation, viewing, fishing, breeding, game" a variety of forms, such as building sets "leisure sightseeing, sport fishing and Marine harvest, accommodation to watch entertainment" function in the integration of leisure tourism experience platform at sea. Marine leisure platform based on the ranch, coastal shoreline resources, Marine resources, islands of the organic combination of resources, promote the Marine tourism from near shore off to sea, from the view of the sea to the far sea. Company has advanced the idea of design and use of advanced technology, according to the customer's requirements, and on both sides of the land and sea and reasonable planning, provide the good design, professional construction team for the customer to build their own platform.

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