Recirculating Aquaculture System

Detailed Introduction

Recirculating aquaculture system (RAS)is a full manual control under the condition of aquaculture production, and industrialized aquaculture production, it is basically not restricted by natural conditions, can be available in any place according to customer requirement, and can achieve the water temperature controlled and aquaculture water quality assurance, production process of the program's aquaculture production mechanization production management system.

RAS is in the highest level of industrial technology application of aquacluture mode, And it has the characteristics of the section to save land, water, and energy efficiency, and it is the only way for the future aquaculture industry to achieve sustainable development by leaps and bounds.

Our company has been in aguaculture for many years and has built a long-term cooperation with Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute (YSFRI),Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (CAFS) .Now we can design and install RAS ,at the same time we can provide all products about RAS and after-sales service.

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