Rotary Drum Filter

Detailed Introduction

Product Introduction:

The rotary drum microfilter is fixed on the rotary drum filter with 80~200 mesh/square inch mesh screen,through retaining water in solid particles making solid-liquid separation.In addition, it can be cleaned in a timely manner through the rotation of the drum and the force of the recoil water,Keeping the equipment in good working condition. Our micro filtration machine is one of the best technologies adapted in treatment of aquaculture water, which can solve the problems such as easy to be blocked,broken corrode, difficult to maintain, etc.This product can purify the water and achieve the purpose of recycling by separating solid waste in aquaculture water.

Product feature

(1) By using the gravity of water to drive the filter cylinder, the mechanical transmission mechanism of rotary drum microfilter is reduced compared with the traditional rotary drum microfilter.

(2) The unique type high-pressure water recoil device improves the recoil effect, meanwhile, reduces the water consumption during the recoil.

(3) The fixed technology between screen frame and screen, ensure the service life of the filter mesh, avoids the mutual friction between micro filter mesh and screen frame making the mesh damaged, which ensures the filtering efficiency and prolong the service life of the filter.

(4) The microfilter equipment has no corrosion, no pollution, high intensity and light weight.

(5) The microfilter is easy to install, easy to use and low maintenance cost.

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